The past couple of weeks have been occupied with work, planning for my vacation to England and a determination to get out of the house more often. Mostly work. I’ll be getting back to my albums of the decade list soon, and intersperse that with reviews of new albums as well. It took me a long time to restart my blogging engine and I’m adamant at keeping it running so do keep visiting while I check more invoices, file my taxes and reply emails.

Can you see the different?

If you’re living in Malaysia and have somehow managed to catch films like The Men Who Stare At Goats, An Education or Precious, chances are you may already have seen the following clip countless times. If you haven’t, here’s a little background info.

Within the past two years or so copies of pirated DVDs found in Malaysia started surfacing with a pre-viewing, FBI-warning-type message imploring you to choose ‘gold discs’ over ‘purple discs’, with the former providing better audio quality, visual clarity and, well, more bang for your buck. The purple discs are apparently vastly inferior to the gold discs, as a valiant Daniel Craig will show you. I’m not sure what the real technical difference is between the two, but I believe the gold discs are supposed to be dual-layer discs (although a check with Nero’s InfoTool says that the discs are single layer with a capacity of 4.67GB) and the purple ones are regular DVD-R’s. Can you see the different?

Twenty ten

I will remember 2009 for two major things. One for the great music that I’ve heard, and two for the amount of health issues that I’ve had. I kinda feel that turning thirty has reduced my body’s resistance to illness and impeded its ability to heal itself. I’ve never had hives my whole life; now I have them when I take seafood (not all the time, and I have yet to determine which ones exactly). I still work out regularly but my weight continues to drop. At a dinner earlier this year with a motley bunch of business associates, I was asked rather worryingly if I was alright because ‘my cheeks look sunken’. And in between all that there’s a whole bunch of aches, sores, sprains, lengthy coughs, you name it.

Next year’s looking marginally better, judging from preliminary observations. A couple of gigs coming up soon to take my mind off things, starting with Cat Power in Singapore and Soulwax in KL, both in January. The Mosaic Music Festival has a pretty good lineup too but not unexpectedly, the acts that I want to catch are either playing on weekdays or spaced too far apart to catch within a single trip to Singapore. Then of course there’s the big trip to England in May to catch Pavement at All Tomorrow’s Parties. I haven’t quite thought about what to do before and after ATP. And I better get my ass to the travel agent soon. I have however already made a mental list of what medications to bring with me. Being a hypochondriac sure ain’t fun.

You are (not) alone

I was interested in knowing who else on the interwebz is using the same WordPress theme as I am. Evidently there are thousands of them but some of the more interesting ones include a professional pole dancer with a dual degree in Psychology and Sociology, a chiptune producer from Barcelona (who did an excellent job of revamping the original theme), a strip club in Istanbul, a microbrewery in Oregon and a blog by a dude who believes that ‘the galactic centre will be focussed on London from 2012 and will remain there for the next fifty years’ and whose discovery ‘came about through a series of dreams, visions, synchronicities and psychic experiences, all of which were guided by a radiant female being who is the anthropomorphic manifestation of the Earth Spirit in these sacred isles of Albion’. You gotta check out the rest of the site for yourself.

We’re officially in da house

Took me long enough but the redesign is finally done. The truth is it only took me a couple hours to choose the right theme, and a couple of days after that tweaking bits and pieces to get it to look just right.

Anyway so here we are. Gotta fill it up with some content soon.