Songs You Really Should Have Heard By Now #3

Medicine – Time Baby III (1994)

Being 15 and listening to the soundtrack to The Crow on cassette for the first time can only result in one of two outcomes – either you think it’s too depressing and simply not up your alley, preferring to return to the safe pop confines of Sheryl Crow (‘All I Wanna Do’ was all the rage in ’94), or you get thrown down a deep, dark well of inexplicable teen angst and decide it’s simply safer to stay at the bottom than to face everyone else on the surface. Needless to say, I chose the latter.

There are plenty of choice cuts from the album that I could highlight here. The Cure’s ‘Burn’ serves its purpose by being a great lead track. Nine Inch Nails’ cover of ‘Dead Souls’ by Joy Division is pretty good too, if a little bit uninventive (the only thing Trent Reznor adds is performing it LOUD). But the one that stands out for me is ‘Time Baby III’. I remember the friend who lent the tape to me going on about how the Pantera and Helmet tracks were fucking awesome and made him want to throw his desk out the classroom window. I on the other hand have always been quietly fascinated with Medicine’s distinctive guitar tone and hallucinogenic flanging. And I’m a sucker for breathy female vocals. This was shoegaze years before I even knew about shoegaze.

I still have very little knowledge about Medicine beyond what I’ve Googled in recent years. They were on Creation Records with My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain. They have a couple of albums to their name and had their most recent one released on Wall Of Sound Records in 2003. But somehow I never had the inclination to seek out more from them. Kind of like I didn’t want to ruin my memory of the band by hearing a song from them I didn’t like.

Every once in a while it’s still nice to just shut off and sit at the bottom of the well. ‘Time Baby III’ fits that purpose just right.

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