Shoutout to Core News

I thought I should let you all in on this site that’s basically been my number one music resource this past year. You won’t find pre-release albums or anything of that sort on Core News. However you do get a dedicated guy uploading BBC radio shows on a regular basis and in exceptional satellite-radio quality to boot. You can of course stream past shows from the BBC website itself but they’re always only available for a week from the original broadcast date. And we all know streaming audio sucks ass. The three important ones for me are the Benji B, Mary Anne Hobbs and Gilles Peterson shows.

Start with these:
Benji B 2009 12 13 End of Year Special Part 2 – Best of 2009
Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2009 12 24 Highlights of 2009
Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2009 12 16 Worldwide Winners special – best tracks of 2009

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