Shoutout to Core News

I thought I should let you all in on this site that’s basically been my number one music resource this past year. You won’t find pre-release albums or anything of that sort on Core News. However you do get a dedicated guy uploading BBC radio shows on a regular basis and in exceptional satellite-radio quality to boot. You can of course stream past shows from the BBC website itself but they’re always only available for a week from the original broadcast date. And we all know streaming audio sucks ass. The three important ones for me are the Benji B, Mary Anne Hobbs and Gilles Peterson shows.

Start with these:
Benji B 2009 12 13 End of Year Special Part 2 – Best of 2009
Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 2009 12 24 Highlights of 2009
Gilles Peterson Worldwide 2009 12 16 Worldwide Winners special – best tracks of 2009

Flying Lotus – Weezy

I’m not sure why producers love remixing Lil’ Wayne. He’s a good entertainer no doubt, but I’ll be damned if he’s a good rapper. Having said that, Flying Lotus’ remixes for ‘A Milli’ and ‘I Feel Like Dying’ somehow does feel a bit off the mark without Weezy on them.

Both tracks, vocal versions and instrumentals, are downloadable from the Brainfeeder website, made available by Flylo himself.

Twenty ten

I will remember 2009 for two major things. One for the great music that I’ve heard, and two for the amount of health issues that I’ve had. I kinda feel that turning thirty has reduced my body’s resistance to illness and impeded its ability to heal itself. I’ve never had hives my whole life; now I have them when I take seafood (not all the time, and I have yet to determine which ones exactly). I still work out regularly but my weight continues to drop. At a dinner earlier this year with a motley bunch of business associates, I was asked rather worryingly if I was alright because ‘my cheeks look sunken’. And in between all that there’s a whole bunch of aches, sores, sprains, lengthy coughs, you name it.

Next year’s looking marginally better, judging from preliminary observations. A couple of gigs coming up soon to take my mind off things, starting with Cat Power in Singapore and Soulwax in KL, both in January. The Mosaic Music Festival has a pretty good lineup too but not unexpectedly, the acts that I want to catch are either playing on weekdays or spaced too far apart to catch within a single trip to Singapore. Then of course there’s the big trip to England in May to catch Pavement at All Tomorrow’s Parties. I haven’t quite thought about what to do before and after ATP. And I better get my ass to the travel agent soon. I have however already made a mental list of what medications to bring with me. Being a hypochondriac sure ain’t fun.

You are (not) alone

I was interested in knowing who else on the interwebz is using the same WordPress theme as I am. Evidently there are thousands of them but some of the more interesting ones include a professional pole dancer with a dual degree in Psychology and Sociology, a chiptune producer from Barcelona (who did an excellent job of revamping the original theme), a strip club in Istanbul, a microbrewery in Oregon and a blog by a dude who believes that ‘the galactic centre will be focussed on London from 2012 and will remain there for the next fifty years’ and whose discovery ‘came about through a series of dreams, visions, synchronicities and psychic experiences, all of which were guided by a radiant female being who is the anthropomorphic manifestation of the Earth Spirit in these sacred isles of Albion’. You gotta check out the rest of the site for yourself.

Top 20 Records of 2009

Continuing on from what started last year, 2009 has mostly been about beats and electronic music. I have to honestly say I have completely lost touch with new indie bands. Put it this way – I am more interested in new artists I read about on XLR8R than on Pitchfork nowadays. I did enjoy Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and bought the new A Sunny Day In Glasgow. I was also tempted to include Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion but aside from the hallucination-inducing album cover I can’t remember anything from it really. The one band I had on constant repeat this year was for some reason R.E.M. Peter Buck noted that Automatic For The People dealt with themes of loss and mourning inspired by “that sense of turning thirty”. Maybe that’s why?

Anyway, here for your reading pleasure are the top twenty records that I’ve heard this year in alphabetical order.

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We’re officially in da house

Took me long enough but the redesign is finally done. The truth is it only took me a couple hours to choose the right theme, and a couple of days after that tweaking bits and pieces to get it to look just right.

Anyway so here we are. Gotta fill it up with some content soon.